First blog post

Welcome to Maddy’s Low Carb, I have a great support group on FB and you can join us here if you want help being successful on this way of eating.

I started the group about 18 months ago after being a member in other groups that were full of nasty comments and no direction. I knew what kind of group I wanted to have and so with some lovely virtual friends with similar interests we started working hard on getting things up and running.

My right hand wo/men are Cher Gauthier & Matt Tatters. Both very knowledgable and patient with me (when I am having a strop) and members who might sometimes push the limits 😉 Our group would not be what it is without them.

We also have some pretty amazing moderators too, who put in so much time and energy into helping people get and stay on track. Again without them the group wouldn’t be growing by thousands of new members each week!

I love LCHF and not just the health benefits it provides or weight loss but the delicious food and how easy it is to stick to. So last year I did the Banters Coaching Course through the Real Meal Revolution/Noakes Foundation and passed my exams and got the certificate! I knew by doing the course it would give me a good solid base to teach others how to get healthy and slim.

Come & join the party!